Favorite Places in: PARIS

Paris mon amour!

Paris has more to offer than its classical over crowded tourist attractions.
Here are my favorite trendy places in Paris to really get in to that parisienne vibe.

xx Palais Garnier

Its splendid architecture gets me hooked each and every time.
Here are some magnificence i captured.
Location: Place de l’Opéra
xx Avenue Montaigne
This avenue is a paradise where you can escape from the crowd of tourists in Champs-Elysées and dip yourself in high end luxury. You can also catch some beautifull sights of the Eiffel and crash into some celebrities in the famous café L’Avenue. 
Your best hotel choice here is absoloutely Hotel Plaza Athenée. 
  • Gastronomie
Paris is really one of those citys that takes fine dining to a whole new level with its sense of luxury.
xx Le Cinq
Le Cinq aka the glamourous Michelin stared restaurant of the Four Seasons George V holds the true magnificence of 17th century France with its luxorious style and fine french cuisine. As expected the prices are high but worth all the glamour.
Location: Avenue George V
xx Le Costes
Le Costes stands out with its baroque styled decoration. This trendy place even has a glamourous parfumerie.
Saumon vapeur was my choice.
Location: Rue Saint Honoré
xx L’Avenue
This ultimately trendy place redefines classyness with its simplistic style. L’avenue is perfect for crashing into some celebrities since its frequented quite often by superstars like Beyoncé, Jay-z and Kardashians. Its is perfect for either lunch or dinner.
My favorites are filet mignon and pasta with morels.
Location: Avenue Montagne